Rainy Tuesdays

Rainy Mondays get all the glory, but rainy Tuesdays are where the real heartache resides. We are accustomed to the brutality of an unforgiving Monday – it’s the Tuesdays that we don’t expect to be so tough. They sneak in, capturing by subterfuge, taking it all down because we already think we are safe. But we are not. Like the painful crack of the unexpected emptiness immediately after an airport good-bye, the decimated inconsolable grief that no curled-up fetal position can relieve, it’s a hurt that lingers, a hurt that stays.

The music is by London Grammar. The first song is ‘Interlude’. London calls to me still, I have not yet given up. I haven’t given up on a lot of things. The longing is still here.

The second song is ‘Nightcall’. Both are good for a foggy morning, or a rainy Tuesday, or a bus ride taking you to where you think you want to be.


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