Human Kindness


It’s strange the way we hear things differently over the years. The first time I heard this song I hated it. Probably because it was in ‘Beaches’, which has been tainted by how much Suzie despises it. But as I sat waiting for Andy to pick me up one day it came over the sound system and I was struck with an incredible wave of melancholy. It wasn’t about to rain, but it was crazy windy, and there is sadness in such blustery conditions. I listened as if for the first time and the plaintive melody almost brought me to tears. Human kindness does that. So unexpectedly. Sad that it should be so surprising, perhaps.

It’s a good song for the season, when rain and wind will take away all remaining vestiges of the sun, when the world turns into winter, when we hunker down and hibernate because everything is too much to bear.

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