Dreaming Wide Awake

The miraculous Lizz Wright knows her way around a song, knows the way around an evocative musical phrase. Her voice knows love, and pain, bewilderment and heartache, bliss and contentment. She sings in the deepest night, at the break of dawn, on the rainiest afternoon – and somehow she makes it all bearable again. If such beauty and art can come from a love that smolders deep within, then there is hope in this world, there is happiness waiting to be uncovered… somewhere.

My eyes burn
I have seen the glory of a brighter sun
My heart aches
It has felt the peace of perfect love
My mind fails
As I try to recall the bliss of a glorious day
When I was sleeping, eyes wide open
Dreaming wide awake

A song like ‘Dreaming Wide Awake’ reminds me of that first flush of romance, that first ache of passion ~ the rites of love. When everything is new and unknown, wondrous and impossible, and the odds are long but there’s no other way. Already you know you cannot live without it, already there is a hole in your heart where so-and-so will remain, where such-and-such will live, where you can mark the day your life changed forever.

Who are you, stranger
To come here, and answer all my prayers?
Where are you from, angel?
You saved my life and disappeared
How do I find you?
Will you come when I need you?
Oh, how I´d love,
I´d love to be sleeping, eyes wide open
Dreaming wide awake
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