C’mon N’ Ride It

This is high on the list of the silliest songs I’ve ever heard, but it goes back to my days at Structure. Lately, I’ve done a bit of reminiscing over what may have been the most fun job I’ve ever had, so it’s the perfect time to put it up and remember when summer was nothing but carefree college-break fun and lack of responsibility. At that time, I was working the summer at the Faneuil Hall Structure store (where an obnoxious Abercrombie & Fitch complex now smells stands).

I was turning 21 that year, but to be honest, that was less exciting than might be assumed. I wasn’t an early drinker, so I couldn’t care less about being legal. It was more fun to go into work and banter with my managers and co-workers, interact with people who were on vacation and passing through Boston, than to get rip-roaring drunk at the local dive bar. (God I was young and stupid.)

On the speakers in the store was this song, which we all learned inside and out because 35 hours a week of the same tape playing over and over, well, you learn every word, every beat, and every sequence – so much so that to this day when I hear one of these songs I immediately listen for the follow-up that never arrives. (This was still not as annoying as the holiday tape – that mofo could threaten the most level-headed person’s sanity.)

And so I’d try to cajole my friends into doing the choo-choo train whenever the beats kicked in, teasing one of the lone straight guys named Spencer into following my fist pumps (which he never did), and otherwise making the time fly faster than I wish it had. If I’d only known to slow things down, to relish the moment, to savor the minutes… I would have had so much more fun. But then again, how much more fun would have been possible? It was a damn good time, and we rode that party train to the very end of the rail.

Incidentally, how can you help but love a song that has ‘The Train’ as its subtitle? C’mon…

I think I can, I think I can…

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