The Potted Palm in the Hands of Gays

One of the Beekman Boys recently remarked that a potted palm makes any space instantly elegant, or something to that effect. As seen in this photo taken at the Hamilton in Washington, DC, I think he’s onto something. I would qualify that by saying a potted living palm adds class and elegance. A fake one negates all of it.

Nate Berkus agrees. He claims there is no place at all for artificial flowers, and I tend to follow that lead. There are moments when they work, but for the most part avoid them, especially if done poorly. He advises using dried flowers, or other natural items like driftwood or moss to create an environment. Nothing cheapens a space faster than a fake houseplant, its plastic joints unobscured by its scant false leaves, sadly collecting dust and offering no healthy bit of gas exchange.

Keep it real. And if you can’t keep it alive, keep it dried. Just don’t fake it.

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