On the Train for Reno-(vation)

Our kitchen project, years in the planning stages, is finally being finalized. It’s a total renovation, with walls coming down, windows being moved, and the space being gutted. We’ve settled on a cabinet and counter designer (the marvelous Michelle at Builder’s Kitchens Inc.), a contractor (Skylands Services, Inc.), a granite supplier (Empire State Stone) and a tile place (Albany Tile, Carpet & Rug). So far, we’ve figured out the basic design and set-up, and ordered most of the initial big-ticket items. These early stages are the fun ones, or so I’ve been told, and once the real demotion and rebuilding begins I will be out of town for as much as possible (hello, Boston!) However, I’m bracing myself for a rather stressful and difficult ordeal – physically, mentally, and financially.

I’ve already told Andy I want some bit of budget buffer for if, and likely when, unexpected costs arise, but he seemed rather unconcerned with it. In fact, he was already planning other ideas for any leftover money, at which I laughed but didn’t bother to argue. I’ve learned to be patient and let myself be proven right when it all happens as I predict it will happen. (This is how it has gone for my entire life, so I don’t expect differently any more.)

I’ll document things as best as I can, and this blog will serve as a cathartic way of ranting and raving if things grind to a halt or I get crushed by a falling soffit. Demolition is scheduled to begin by December 2 – just in time for the holiday season! Already, we’ve moved the Holiday Party to my parents’ house (which means a drastically-reduced guest list – let’s just say that if you’ve never invited me to your house, you have no right or reason to feel slighted).

This is going to be a wild ride, and the only way we’re going to get through it is to hunker down and just do as I say. Sorry, but this is not a democracy.

(FYI – The feature photo that accompanies this post was the former wall-paper in the kitchen area – just to give you an idea of how over-due this is, and a dose of 70’s nostalgia!)

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