Snoopy Whispers of the Season


It used to be that there was a definitive line drawn in the holiday celebration sand: only after Thanksgiving did we sanction holiday shopping and decorating. I enjoyed that, and it gave over a month of full-on Christmas joy – more than enough to last throughout the year. These days, Christmas seems to start right after Halloween, and that’s just way too early for my taste. However, one can only fight the rising tide for so long before all gets washed away, and I’m now giving in to some early holiday prep work.

To ease into it somewhat slowly, and not over-saturate with The Christmas Song of All Christmas Songs, I like to indulge in a little Snoopy: the gorgeous jazz renderings of Vince Guaraldi and his Charlie Brown music. It’s a classic, and a classic never goes out of style. It’s also a reassuring dose of nostalgia, harkening to my childhood, when watching Snoopy and the Peanuts gang was a rite of holiday passage, and a very happy one at that.

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