Quintessentially Quince


Hidden among the branches and leaves of its structure, quince is a plant that shyly hides its blooms. That’s no easy task given the striking shades of color the blossoms produce – they all but scream out to be noticed and adored – and who are we to ignore such a demand? Though I don’t like that form for my own garden, I will stop and pause for color this super-saturated and gorgeous. It also affords a vantage point for these photos, in which little nooks of beauty are sheltered from the elements and the larger population. Worlds of prettiness and delicate light float in semi-hidden recesses, and there’s always something secret about spring.

In the lofty boughs of fruit trees, I remember climbing away from a well-tread path and hiding as passers-by ambled along beneath me, unaware of my presence. Obscured with bright blooms and filtered sunlight, I sat in sweet-smelling serenity, unbothered by others, perfectly content in secret revelry and silent solitude. As I peek into the protected haunts of these quince blossoms, I am reminded of that moment.

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