Floral Sanctuary

What is it about a flower that so soothes us?

Its beauty, its fragrance, its perfect form?

The wonder of its growth, of how it all began and how it came to such a point of prettiness?

It is all of these things, but it is also something more.

No flower lasts forever.

The very notion of its fleeting and ephemeral existence is a lesson in grace and humility.

It is also a lesson in bombast, and how to put on a show.

Flowers don’t have time to do anything but shine and entice.

Their purpose is to make an impression, a lasting impression that secures the propagation of their species.

Because of that, they are made more beautiful.

Just like the best moments in life.

The very shortness of their duration is why we love them so.

There is something soothing in such a finite experience… and something sad too.

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