Taking It All Off

It begins, as so many things do, with a change in wardrobe. Style often leads substance ~ testing the winds, paving the way, setting the journey. This time, this day in fact, feels different. It begins with a shedding – of skin, of hair, of chrysalis, of excess. A metamorphosis – an evolution – the way around the world. And all from a simple change of clothing.

There is power in what we wear. Like it or not, it matters – appearance matters. You can pretend it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and you can tell that to your kids and students, but there are truths to this world that they will discover regardless of your best intentions.

I’m jumping ahead, when really this is still the early stages of the beginning – and it starts with what you decide to put on your back in the morning. For the end of winter, a toned-down palette, a less-fitted silhouette, and a simpler way that approaches minimalism.

There may be peace found in neutral tones- cream, beige, slate, charcoal, gray, and black. Perhaps a dash of some tan, maybe a somber bit of olive green or the formerly dreadful navy – but all subdued, all designed specifically to not stand out – the focus turning to the head, the hands, the skin.

And then, slowly, and almost imperceptibly, the focus moves inward. It’s a new thing to have fashion begin the search for the soul, but how could it have happened any other way?

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