A Robe by Louis Vuitton


The title of the post says it all, and had me almost inappropriately excited when these images came out over the internet. This is a Chapman Brothers’ print for a robe from the Louis Vuitton Men’s Show for Fall-Winter 2013-2014. Designed by Kim Jones, and inspired by a trip to the Himalayas, the collection features the Chapman artwork on robes, jackets, pants, scarves, and… wait for it… matching bags. I’m not big on matchy-matchy, but there are times when it’s called for. I’m also not big on dropping a couple grand for a robe or a bag, but again, there are times when it’s called for. In reality, I don’t need these – and would never use up a birthday gift for such an extravagance (unlike the color-bleed LV coat that I passed up a few years ago to my eternal regret). These are just fun to look at, and I’m all for anything that makes it socially permissible to wear a robe to a formal function. Not that I’ve ever needed permission.

The more I look at that bag, though, the more I think that there are sacrifices to be made for such a piece of art.

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