The Stubborn Stupidity of My Brother

My brother can be a bit of a moron sometimes. I say this out of love and exasperation, and anyone who knows him – really knows him – knows it’s true. Case in point: this text “exchange” between my brother and my… brother. His texts are on the left, in gray, while I’m on the right in blue. Remember that. He’s in gray, I’m in blue.

As you can see, he initially asks if I’m going to Boston, then apparently thinks his follow-up of ‘I was planning on going’ was written by me. (It took me a while to figure out what had happened – I only read the series after he was in the midst of a little conniption fit. Those first few texts on the left are all him. How a person doesn’t realize what they’re texting and responding to is beyond me.

It’s just a classic (and comical) illustration of what it’s like to argue with him (and why I don’t bother. There are some levels of ignorance that can’t be reasoned against, so I don’t.)
At first I was confused, hence my question of what he’s talking about. It becomes clear in the next screen:

So, my brother got into an argument with himself, had a text conversation with himself, and made a complete fool of himself. Somehow, mark my word, I’ll be blamed for this.
For the record, the only weekend I told him I’d be in Boston thus far this summer was my 40th birthday weekend in August, which he has already claimed as his own because he wants to see a concert. I’m trying to make other plans for that weekend now, because as selfish as everyone thinks I am, I don’t hold a candle to my brother. Even when it’s my 40th birthday.

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