Happy Birthday Baby Bro!

Today is my little brother’s 35th birthday – ouch – which is hard to believe as he doesn’t even act a day over twenty. Ha! I kid. And it really is a joke, as he’s more of a grown-up in some ways than I’ll ever come close to being. (Some ways – certainly not all.)

Watching him grow and evolve as a Father is as fascinating and telling as it used to be watching him organize his baseball card collection or play a video game. We are two very different people, yet still manage to have the same sort of fun we had as kids.

I’ve often said that there’s no one else on this earth who was raised in exactly the same way that I was, who went through the very same things that I had to go through, and in that respect there’s no one else who understands a certain portion of my past in the way in which he does. It’s a brotherly bond that cannot be broken, no matter how much time passes, a bond sealed with love, tested by life, and reaffirmed through the passing years.

Happy Birthday Powie (or as Suzie would have it spelled ‘Paui’)!!

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