Family Easter Mayhem


Whenever I’m faced with a family gathering involving kids, I think longingly of one of the very first episodes of ‘Mad Men’. Don Draper is set to return home to his daughter’s birthday party, and he begins by having a few beers out in the garage. Tipsy, and emboldened, he heads out on an errand and promptly falls asleep in his car, missing out entirely on his daughter’s birthday party. If I were a father, I would never do such a thing, but I’m not. Still, I am an uncle, and still wouldn’t do anything. That doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about missing a kid’s party.

No such escape was necessary for this year’s Easter festivities at my family’s home. We had a lovely time with my niece and nephew, engaging in some reading and fine dining before Emi started drawing a tattoo on one of Noah’s toys. “Sweetie, that’s disturbing,” I found myself saying, which was very much a first. Outside of sardonic tweets, I’ve never called anyone ‘sweetie’ and meant it. Oh well, it was Easter. Hope yours was just as fun.

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