4th of July Family Pool Party


We had the family over for the 4th of July, and the sun and high temps conspired to put everyone in the pool – and the twins couldn’t have been happier about that. They still need their swimmies, but they’ve started to jump, and Noah even does a little flip (if you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen the video of that…) so swimming with them is always fun now. It also tires them out, which I’ve come to realize is the number one goal in raising children.

Between pool stints, Andy managed to grill some chicken and steaks (with the aid of a little helper), because in addition to tiring some folks out, swimming also inspired heartier appetites than usual (though that may have been mostly from the side of the adults). Not pictured was the simple potato salad I made. I’m not a fan of the mayo-heavy salads that constitute so many 4th of July spreads, so I did a simple version using red potatoes (skins intact), sour cream, and scallions, with a sprinkling of fresh chives. It may not sound like much, but when refrigerated overnight, the scallions give the dish just enough flavor to be interesting, and the sour cream alone is enough to maintain a creamy and moist richness. Coupled with the grilled steaks and Andy’s balsamic-based pasta salad, it made a perfect meal.

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