Shot to the Heart, and Then A Splash

It is not enough to be adored.

How sad to finally say it, how sad to give up that ghost.

It’s easier to believe in something, no matter how far-fetched, no matter how ridiculous, than to face an empty truth. Some of us, like Joe Gillis, believe right up to the very end. The bullets tearing through his back must have come as quite the surprise. The first one doesn’t even stop him, so intent is he on walking out the door, away from the dream, into the future.

Most of us just stumble along, happily or sadly as circumstances allow, without the drive to move toward or away from something. I’ve always admired those who make the effort to do more, not only to steer the way, but to actively rev the engine. It’s a lazy thing to simply react to the world. To take a first step into something, no matter how unknown, is an act of courage.

To take the last step requires something more.




When at last we grip our bloodied chests, when our final breath floats to the surface and disappears, we find relief at the end of a journey.

The splash, and then the slow gentle sinking

Of a dream

Of a wish

Of a beginning.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour: Last Stand Of A Rock Star

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