Window Gazing

This weekend, hopefully the last weekend we will be without a kitchen (counting on the fine folks at Empire State Stone to cut the granite and install it in timely fashion), I am making a trip to Boston – the last for a couple of weeks, I think (though that’s always subject to change). I’m still populating posts from tales from my last trip, and that’s good, as this one will likely be less eventful anyway.

The featured photo is a typical night in Boston at this time of the year. Looking out of the window, I can see the twinkling tower of John Hancock, fronted by the Copley Marriott and the Westin at Copley Place. Long-time haunts, all of them – going back to the 90’s – even the 80’s – for memories of my childhood. Along the street, lamps glow, lighting the way for evening walkers. Dirty clumps of snow remain stubbornly in some spots, and they’ll stay there until the next storm or thaw covers or removes them completely.

As of this writing, there are no definite plans for the weekend. I’d like to keep it quiet, fill the hours with reading or letter-writing. A few shopping excursions, of course, maybe a dinner or two out. It’s too early in the winter to go crazy. Too soon to feel so antsy.

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