Vintage Boston Friends

This is definitely in the top ten of all the photos I’ve ever had taken of me. It encapsulates, in so many ways and on so many levels, the dynamics of what happens when Suzie, Chris, and I get together. It was June of 1997 I think. Chris was looking for an apartment for his upcoming grad school adventure at Harvard Divinity School (see, my friends are not only smart, they’re spiritual) and he thought he could do it in a few short hours.

Suzie and I, as Suzie and I are wont to do, roared with laughter. Admittedly it was not the kindest response, but after you tell someone it will probably take longer than an hour or two to find Fall housing in Boston – and being laughed off yourself, it was an appropriate response. Needless to say, he never found an apartment that day. Or that weekend. To be honest, I’m not sure how he found a place to stay when he returned in the Fall, but that’s Chris. Infuriating, funny, and self-defeating in the face of all other advice. By the time this photo was taken, I think he was admitting said defeat.

Suzie, on the other hand, looks more agitated, mostly by the fact that she was tasked with the impossible feat of untangling a puppet I had procured in Hong Kong earlier that year, and she had clearly had enough of it. With both Chris and Suzie pouting, I decided to pose simply and dramatically, in the manner of a diva who could not be bothered by any of it. It’s the stance that has gotten me out of many a predicament, including this one.

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