Pacific Gravity

One of my favorite stores in Boston is Jack Wills, the fabulously British London-themed stop that carries distinctive clothing items for the discerning gentleman and casually-elegant lady. (They currently have a stunning striped jacket that I briefly entertained buying, but I digress wistfully.) On my last shopping excursion, when I happened to be feeling particularly sassy and less-than-patient, I was approached by a guy who did his best to help me in the face of my intolerance. Here’s how our brief conversation played out.

Salesperson: Are you looking for anything pacific today?

Me (quizzically): Pacific?

Salesperson: Yes, are you looking for something pacific?

Me: Do you mean specific?

Salesperson: Yes.

Me: No.

I’m pretty sure he still had no idea what I was talking about, what he had done wrong, and why I had to stop speaking to him. [Sigh]

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