How Do You Get By?


How perilous the perch when you have to rely on another, and how precarious to be the one on whom reliance is placed. There is little way to win in this life, little chance we each have of making it through unscathed. Those are the thoughts that went through my head as I studied this bit of street art in Boston. A whimsical thing, it was actually impressive of size and stature, climbing high onto the exterior of a building near Back Bay. Strolling deeper into the night, I held hands with the moon, who was kind enough to reach down and extend her light for the way home.

That walk will be much chillier now, and the only way I’ve found of making it through these dismal winter months is to hunker down with a few select friends, make some comfort food (a beef stew is a fine choice), and find a few candles. Then, laughter will light the night, love will warm the way, and friendship will see us through to the next day. Soon, it will be spring again. It doesn’t feel like it, but wait.

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