Beauties of Boston

If it seems like I just got back from Boston, that’s because I did, but I’m returning this evening because it’s just too damn fun. And pretty. Case in point, this collection of wide-ranging subjects, taken on a single walk with my friend Kira. We started in the afternoon light of the South End. Kira was with me for the first time I tried oysters, so whenever we need a quick snack, we tend to go for a dozen. These were expertly selected by the folks at B&G Oysters.

“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.” ~ Jonathan Swift

A pair of balloon flowers peeping through their iron gate.

Hey Pee Wee! I found your stolen bike! It’s in the North End!

There was a religious festival going on in the North End, hence these colorful religious artifacts.

August light in Boston has a way of transforming the city. We don’t have too many summer weekends left. Best to make the most of them and soak it all in. Fall will bring its own enchantments, but summer is special.

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