A New Boston Tradition


Repeating a Red Sox weekend in Boston just once hardly counts as a tradition, but hopefully one day it will be. Like the Holiday Stroll with Kira, this is just too fun not to threepeat. But that’s getting ahead of things, and when you have a weekend as fun as the one Skip and I recently spent in Boston, we’re going to extend the joy I had in recounting it over a couple of posts.

For now, I’m posting a juxtaposition of last year’s game versus this year’s game as seen below. I look equally unimpressed in both, which just goes to show how deceptive appearances can be. In truth, I was having a blast in both instances. Skip just has a better way of showing it. (He was also the one taking the wretched photos, so he knew what was coming. I was caught unaware. Virgos hate surprises.) This year’s adventure had the added onus of having to install a new air conditioner (you’ll have to come back later today to see how that turned out…)

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