The Maestro Approaches the Podium

14 andy maestro 1

Being that I’m now working in a new office, there’s a whole new set of co-workers for Andy to impress with his culinary handiwork. Here he is at work on one of his masterpieces ~ an almond cake. It’s best not to interrupt him at such moments of concentration, so I tend to leave him to his own devices. The end result always turns out impeccably, so I don’t want to mess with the system. He has his own set-backs from time to time – a batter that doesn’t rise all the way, a cake that doesn’t take kindly to being layered, or a patch of frosting that doesn’t quite adhere to a crumbly surface – but he always manages to turn it out splendidly.

The best part, aside from the instant-love from my new co-workers, is that I get to do more than lick the spoon – I get the cake scraps and extra frosting to assemble my own little cake. Not that I ever do – it’s much quicker to get a fork, dip into the cake, then dip into the frosting and bring it directly to the mouth. No assembly required.

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