Change of Plans


In an unlikely decision, I’m not going to Boston this weekend after all. I’d been teetering on the edge of uncertainty, but when the Mayor declared a State of Emergency because of all the flu cases that were going around, I decided to stay in upstate New York. Besides, the new bed has not yet been delivered, and I didn’t want to lug the new television there on my own. When the signs appear you do nothing but a disservice to yourself by ignoring them. Instead, I’ll get to focus on some projects and some house-cleaning (if Andy ever deigns to take the desiccated carcass of a fire hazard down – and by that I mean the Christmas tree that still stands in our living room shedding its needles like a molting bird).

I also have some reading and writing to do, and we’re seeing ‘Lincoln’ because we are way behind on our Oscar-viewing list. In other words, this may be the first normal weekend I’ve had in a while. If we can get a dinner out on Saturday, I may just survive it – otherwise I should be too bored. God help us all.

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