Who will be the first Triple Hunk of the Day? Vote Here!

There are a a few gentlemen who have earned the distinct honor of being named Hunk of the Day not just once, but twice. This is an elite group of individuals who possess something a little deeper than beauty. To be doubly-honored requires substance underneath all that style. Some of these guys are fighters for gay equality, some are artists fighting for a better world, and some are simply doing their own thing no matter what the world throws their way. Sometimes that takes more guts than anything else. Of course, each is also fit and fine as fuck, which is the superficial first requirement for a Hunk of the Day honor.

For our first Triple Hunk of the Day crowning, I am putting it in the capable hands and eyes of you, the viewer. Let’s do a little Survey Monkey action and see if we can’t winnow this field of six into one winner who will be featured as the first-ever Triple Hunk of the Day. Here are the nominees:

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First up, by the alphabetical order of last name, is Nick Adams.

The First Crowning of Nick Adams

And the Second Crowning of Nick Adams.

Next up is Harry Judd.

The First Crowning of Harry Judd

And the Second Crowning of Harry Judd.

Next up is Ronnie Kroell.

The First Crowning of Ronnie Kroell

And the Second Crowning of Ronnie Kroell.

Next up is Chris Salvatore.

The First Crowning of Chris Salvatore

And the Second Crowning of Chris Salvatore.

Next up is Todd Sanfield.


The First Crowning of Todd Sanfield

And the Second Crowning of Todd Sanfield.

The final contender is Casper Van Dien.

The First Crowning of Casper Van Dien

And the Second Crowning of Casper Van Dien.

Did you vote for your favorite? If not, scroll back up and take the poll! (Not a pull.)

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