Hunk of the Day: William Levy

William Levy

If thou haven’t seen the Hunk who melts your heart here, then by all means send me a request or a recommendation. I have never turned anyone down (unless they’ve already appeared, in which case I’ll send you the link, or grant them a second Hunk of the Day crowning). In the case of William Levy, it was my friend JoAnn (an upcoming Guest Blogger) who alerted me to the fact that he had not yet been a Hunk of the Day. (I thought for sure he had, so that’s where my memory is at. Run and tell that.) To make up for such misfortune, here is Mr. Levy in his first Hunk of the Day feature. (There will likely be a second… and maybe even a third…)

If you don’t follow the telenovelas, Mr. Levy may be new to you too. His main claim to fame seems to be a stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ a show that I have never seen, which puts into doubt all my gay credibility. Tell me when he’s on ‘Downton Abbey‘ and I won’t miss him. (Boom, it’s back.) And speaking of back, which is better: his backside or his front loader? Your answers may affect what you see in his next crowning.

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