Hunk of the Day: Walter Savage

walter savage 101

One of the reasons for all the Hunks I post here is purely selfish: inspiration. When faced with such beauty and physical perfection, I want to work out, put down the Christmas chocolate, and get in shape. Well, I don’t really want to do all that – what I want is to miraculously look like the hunks, all the while eating chocolate and lounging on a beach on some tropical island, shaded by palm trees and an expansive umbrella that matches the tiny facsimile in a coconut-bound cocktail. That was a run-on transgression… what was I saying? Oh yeah, the Hunks. Here is Hunk of the Day Walter Savage, an impeccable male model who’s just about perfect in every physical way.

Talk about Savage Love, this man might restore my faith in long, curly hair, and his mane is one of his most bankable features. Forget the Hair of the Dog. This is the Hair of the Hunk.

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