Hunk of the Day: Ryan Barrett

Being both in front of and behind the lens is often a boon to the creative process. Such is the double-hatted world of Hunk of the Day Ryan Barrett. But as they say on ‘Reading Rainbow,’ you don’t have to take my word for it. Here, in the model-photographer’s own language, is an encapsulation of said work. (And pictorial evidence to support it.)

Photography is a visual language and to fully recognise its importance and power, one must be able to read and understand what really differentiates a good photograph from a great photograph. I often say that there is no such thing as being a better photographer than anyone else. What a photographer should try to do is photograph their world as honestly as they see it and hope that the rest of the world recognises and sympathises with that view. ~ Ryan Barrett

Working both sides of the lens has afforded me many wonderful opportunities and experiences. It has given me an education and desire continually to explore the question. Photography is by it’s very nature selfish. Only one eye is used to compose an image and at the precise moment of capture, only one person’s finger can press the shutter. ~ Ryan Barrett

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