Hunk of the Day: Rodiney Santiago

rodiney s 101

Known best for his stint on ‘The A List’ – a realty show focused on the supposed A-Listers of New York (one which I’ve never had the displeasure of sitting all the way through), this is Hunk of the Day Rodiney Santiago. What do you think of the extraneous ‘i’ in his first name? I’m stumbling over it, but digging it. It’s so difficult to stand apart from the crowd. Every little ‘i’ helps.

Mr. Santiago beats his former paramour Reichen Lehmkuhl in reaching Hunk of the Day status first, (even if Mr. Lehmkuhl beat him to the naked punch). Personally, I think they should get back together and join their beautiful forces, if only for gay porn. Sometimes you have to do things for the betterment of mankind, putting personal feelings in check and forging ahead to make the world a better place.

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