Hunk of the Day: Paddy O’Brian

A pre-St. Patrick’s Day treat for all you Irish-lovers out there: this is Hunk of the Day Paddy O’Brian. I’m guessing it’s a stage name for this male model and adult industry performer/ gay porn star, but he can call himself anything he likes if he looks like that in real life. This blog has tried to give equal Hunk opportunities to all, including the sometimes-shunned gay porn industry (and straight porn industry for that matter.) To that end, we’ve featured the scintillating likes of Colby KellerBrent Corrigan, Tomas BrandQuinn Jaxon, and Charlie Harding.

(By the way, scroll down to see how to wear a scarf, and nothing else, the right way.)

Why do jockstraps and color photography always read as gay porn, while black-and-white and naked reads as artistic?

It makes no difference if you’re in black-and-white

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