Hunk of the Day: Mark Ruffalo


By request, the Hunk of the Day is Mr. Mark Ruffalo. A man’s kind of man, Mr. Ruffalo has always endeared himself to me by not falling into the Hollywood trappings of the hairless, pumped-up beefcake sort. From his unruly chest hair to his tendency to veer into his natural pudgy state, he’s an actor for whom looking perfect comes secondary to the characters he so effortlessly inhabits.

Even in baggy white briefs (the most unfortunate underwear choice that never does anyone any favors) and bulky glasses, he exudes a sexiness to certain folks – the ones who appreciate something off the beaten path of chiseled impossible-to-keep bodies that most male stars strive for. In Mr. Ruffalo’s case, a certain quirky charm is just as appealing as a set of cheese-grater abs.

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