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The Uncensored Prince Harry Naked Photo

Up until now, all I’ve seen are those star-censored pics that only serve to obscure Prince Harry’s ass – now here it is in all its royal glory (albeit with the TMZ watermark). I’m still undecided about this whole affair –  on the one hand, I would never get naked when there are cel phones around (only cameras and flattering lighting). However, I’ve also never been drunk in a million-dollar Las Vegas suite, and I’m sure if I was the last thing I would be thinking of is a cel phone. Hell, I’d do more than strip naked if I were in that position, and I’ve got my own photos to prove it. So I guess I feel bad for the guy. He’s young, he’s rich, he’s in Las Vegas… where is the blame? Rock out with your cock out, Mr. Prince. No shame in that game.

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That Naked Adam Levine Photo

In honor of the rather startling (to me anyway) news that Adam Levine will be in this season of ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’, I give you this naked photo of him again – because when it’s that good, you want to do it over and over and over again. Personally, I was not sure about checking into the Asylum – there is no way they could possibly hope to top Season One as far as genuine surprises go, but I’m giving them a chance. I just hope they don’t veer into shock and gore to up the ante. That said, if they want to put Mr. Levine into Dylan McDermott’s first-season lack of clothing, I’m all for it.


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