Hunk of the Day: Hudson Taylor


Any good man can be a Hunk of the Day, but only a great one can be a straight ally. Hudson Taylor is amazing enough to be both, and this officially crowns him as the former. Being honored as a Hunk of the Day may bring a blush to his chiseled cheeks, and he will no doubt find this rather silly and superficial, but Mr. Taylor is being selected not only for good looks and charm, but for his unfailing support for equality. His ‘Athlete Ally‘ is an organization that strives to foster inclusion and equality in sports, a realm that has historically gone to great lengths to hide and shame any gay men or women in its ranks. Taylor’s consistently dedicated work for his organization deserves something fun once in a while, so let this be a little pat on his sexy back for the legacy he’s creating – a legacy that will be golden thanks to his fervent fight for all of us.

PS – Bonus points for his No Pants Subway ride ensemble. Cowboy boots + briefs = HOT.

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