Non-Hunk of the Day: Chris Davis

chris davis 100

Welcome to a twist on the Hunk of the Day feature. It’s not meant to be cruel or cutting (though that’s how most of what I do comes off, so too damn bad), it’s intended in good fun. This is a post for those unfortunate guys whose style doesn’t translate into something that most people agree on. It’s a place for the likes of Woody Allen, Lyle Lovett, or anyone who goes up against the Red Sox. Like Chris Davis – a request from my pal Maria, who wants to rub in the nastiness Mr. Davis has inflicted on the Sox in the past. I’m not going to say anything derogatory about him here. (Though based on these photos I don’t even think he knows what team he’s on…)

And what exactly is going on in this gloriously-named cock-pit?

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