Hunks of the Day: 90210 Veterans Jason Priestley and Luke Perry


The 1990’s were my formative years, and when you have such studs as Luke Perry and Jason Priestley to idolize (from the original Beverly Hills 90210), I thought it was a good time. Looking back at the teen heartthrobs around then, though, they don’t quite hold up to the memories I have. Oh well, at the time they were all we had, and I remember the debate over who was hotter as if I had a personal stake in the outcome. Personally, I was on Team Priestley. Everyone else seemed so taken with the brooding Dylan and the weird eyebrow of Mr. Perry, I preferred the slightly less developed, more pale, and blue-eyed beauty of Mr. Priestley.

Whom did you prefer (assuming you are old enough to remember – which, to my horror, more and more people aren’t) ~ Brandon or Dylan? And how strange that these two guys are featured after their co-stars Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green have already been here shirtless and stripped? (Who knew that Steve Sanders would become a Chippendales dancer?)

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