Hunk of the Day: Wilson Cruz

wilson cruz

If you’re of my certain age, you may have grown up on the all-too-short-lived series ‘My So-Called Life’ starring a funky-hair-colored Claire Danes. It certainly formed an aching bit of adolescent-angst realism that was probably the last thing I needed to add to the angst I so carefully cultivated myself, but that’s also why I loved it so. There was a bit of cathartic peace that resulted from viewing others struggling with some of the very same things you struggled with, and in relating to someone else having their own difficulty growing up.

Of course, the main tenet of my interest was found within her gay best friend, played by the equally-funky-haired Wilson Cruz. Since the show ended, Mr. Cruz has gone on to act in other projects, while crafting the impressive body of work seen in these photos. There’s a funny sense of full-circle completeness when one of your childhood idols becomes the Hunk of the Day. It somehow makes it all mean more. (Bonus: a hot male celebrity in a Speedo is a sight to behold.)

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