Hunk of the Day: Miles Teller

miles teller 101

Though his latest film, the why-did-they-even-bother ‘Fantastic Four’ remake, may have bombed, Miles Teller seems to be walking away unscathed, thanks to an unconventional sexiness and swagger that has Esquire magazine comparing him to a number of former film-greats (like Robert Mitchum). As Hunk of the Day, his almost-nakedness (but for a sock) had to be unearthed, but he’s here as much for said skin-exposure as he is for acting talent. His mesmerizing turn in ‘Whiplash’ was incredibly impressive, grounding the disturbing movie with a vulnerable heart. (Definitely worth a viewing, like Mr. Teller himself.)

PS – Bonus points for the matching naked butt shot he performed with Zac Efron.

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