Hunk of the Day: Max Joseph

max joseph 101

I don’t know who I envy more in these photos: Zac Efron or Max Joseph. For this post, and perhaps in real life, I find myself slightly more jealous of Mr. Efron, as he gets to stand so close to our Hunk of the Day, Max Joseph. In certain circles, perhaps the majority of them, most would rather be next to a shirtless Zac Efron, but I’ve never been like most people. I’ll take someone real, cute, kind of dorky, and prematurely grey over some unattainable bronzed god any day.

Mr. Joseph is an accomplished film editor and director, but is best known for his supporting role on MTV’s ‘Catfish’ show. He gives the rest of us who are going grey the hope that we can do it gracefully and sexily. More than that, he’s got the talent to back up his cuteness, and that’s what I look for in a Hunk of the Day. Check out his clever introductory film below to see the charm for yourself.

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