Hunk of the Day: John Barrowman

john barrowman 101

Believer it or not, it wasn’t ‘Doctor Who’ or ‘Torchwood’ that put John Barrowman on my radar. It was ‘Sunset Boulevard.’ Yes, Captain Jack fans, Mr. Barrowman gave voice to Joe Gillis on the stage long before he got all sci-fi. Not that I mind the transformation. As you can see in a few of these photos, Mr. Barrowman attends some Comic Con events, and isn’t afraid to drop his trousers to prove his gigantic fandom.

While his eyes are mesmerizing, and his looks are stunning, it may be his voice that lingers longest in the mind. Check out his performance of ’1000 Years’ to become a believer too. Oh yeah, he’s gay too. Bonus!

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