Hunk of the Day: Hugh Jackman

Is there a more versatile actor working in Hollywood today? This guy has played Wolverine, Peter Allen,  and Jean ValJean. He’s hosted the Tony Awards, tread the boards, and once did a turn in ‘Sunset Boulevard.’ He is our Hunk of the Day, Hugh Jackman, and he’s been here before (in nude GIF form no less). A naked Hugh Jackman is quite the sight to behold, only it’s not so much his skin that I’m impressed by, but his body of work.

Along the lines of Neil Patrick Harris (another wondrous Tony-hoster/winner), Mr. Jackman is a Jack-of-all-Trades, dividing his time among movies and live theater. He’s also got a thing for musicals, which instantly endears him to my heart. (And has no doubt contributed to those thrilling gay rumors – hey, a guy can dream he’s on our team.)

(Because everyone loves a naked Hugh Jackman from behind.)

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