Hunk of the Day: Andy Cohen


Having espoused the glory of Andy Cohen prior to this post, when someone recommended honoring him as Hunk of the Day I was taken aback that it hadn’t happened before this moment. This is often what goes on with the best of us : so accustomed are we to the excellence of certain people that they get forgotten through their continual brilliance. In any case, here is my attempt at rectifying the situation: Andy Cohen is officially the Hunk of the Day!

Whether it’s his addictive line-up on Bravo or his impulsively watchable ‘Watch What Happens Live!’ show, he manages to do it all, and vacation with the pretty people too. (Hey Andy, just tell Anderson I said hello. No more…) Oh, and there’s a bonus shirtless appearance by another former Hunk of the Day, Daniel Craig. You are more than welcome.

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