Hunk of the Day: Bryce Eilenberg

A day without a ginger is like a day without sunshine. We’ve had far too many of those lately, so here’s a ray of orange light to drive away all your sorrows. Meet Bryce Eilenberg, the new Hunk of the Day, and member of the RuPaul’s Drag Race pit crew. I haven’t seen Miss R’s race in a few years, so I’m not sure if the pit crew does anything more than stand around in their underwear, and quite frankly that’s more than enough to bring out the teenage girl in me. Mr. Eilenberg can teach me the alphabet any way he wants, and if that means in a series of shirtless GIFs then so be it. I was always a good student.

This post will hopefully make up for the fact that I totally neglected to feature anything on ‘Kiss A Ginger Day‘ (which apparently happens on January 12). To that end, check out these other adorable gingers to brighten your day. (Start your engines!)

Seth Fornea

Ricky Schroeder

Prince Harry

Sean Patrick Davey

Greg Rutherford

Kevin Selby

Christian Kruse

Niklas Edin


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