A Very Hunky Sunday

By the time this gets posted, I’ll hopefully be winding up a weekend in Cape Cod, during which I’ll have celebrated my friend JoAnn’s birthday. In order to escape, I’m pre-programming these posts so as to give myself some time away. There are a few busy months coming up as I prepare a new project, so this sort of auto-pilot post may be more prevalent than usual. (Special Guest Bloggers are still welcome to submit items! In fact, they are encouraged…)

In the meantime, there shouldn’t be too many people who complain about posts like this, particularly when guys like Taylor Kinney pull their pants down this far. He was a Hunk of the Day a while back, but these photos weren’t uncovered until a later date.

Jonathan Groff of ‘Glee’ and ‘Looking’ fame (and ‘Spring Awakening’ birth for those of us obsessed with Broadway) is proof that the best hunks are those who exude talent as well as beauty.

Matthew Camp is one of those multi-faceted hunks who wears several hats, and happily not much else. He’s been here a number of times, celebrating his fragrance as well as his Hunk crowning.

Last but not least is the increasingly nude Ashley Parker Angel, who never met a mirror his Instagram didn’t like.

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