alan bennett ilagan

Fire Water FireWater - Like its subject matter, FireWater is an incendiary, seductive, powerful and provocative cocktail of a project from early 2009. While the focus is on the photography, there is an equally-compelling narrative of first-person drinking accounts that lends an added element of confession to the proceedings. (PDF)

Circus Project The Circus Project - The underside of a season in the circus is loosely plotted in this project from Spring 2008. What if you donít fit in anywhere, even in a circle of misfits? What does that do to a person? The search for a place where you belong, and the journey of an outsider trying to find himself is pondered here, but itís the photography that takes center ring, with a stunning collection of visuals featuring wildly disparate scenes of dead animals, vagrant hobos, pirates, farms, rural landscapes, and a colorful ring-leader.

Solace & Solitude Solace & Solitude - A subdued mix of poetry-like passages mingled with photographs of winter scenes from 2007. Originally presented as a hand-made square book form composed of wooden covers and jute binding, itís layout and presentation are preserved here. (PDF)

The Revelation The Revelation - December 2006 - The first work of fiction from Alan Ilagan in almost a decade, THE REVELATION tells the tale of an altar boy and his incendiary relationship with a visiting clergyman, the results of which are glorious and devastating. A tender but brutal coming-of-age novella, touching on the precarious bonds of family, the delicate ties of friendship, and the uncertain freedom of desire. (PDF)

Alan in Wonderland Alan in Wonderland - Get on board the Bi-Polar Express as Alan Bennett Ilagan presents his Divine Diva Tour: A Fairy's Tale. Back on the road with his fifth tour, and promoting Version 3.0 of his popular web-site, Ilagan is poised on the verge of another artistic triumph. But in the eye of the impending hurricane, all is not as calm as it should be.

Shades of Gray Shades of Gray - October 2004 - An autobiographical collection of musings and reflections, in brief haiku-like entries. The closest our author has come to poetry, and a reminder of what made him so special in the first place.

Tantalizing Trickster The Tantalizing Trickster - Spring 2003 Ė A promotional project for The Talented Trickster Tour: Reflections of a Floating World, this was released in mid 2003. A collection of images inspired by Laura Argiriís The God in Flight, it incorporates quotes from that book as well as photography shot on location in upstate New York and Ogunquit, Maine.

Words of A Gardener Words of A Gardener ~ February 2001 - A collection of writing on Ilagan's passion for gardening, going back to his childhood.

A Man of Mode - September 2000 - In which our writer recounts some of the most important events of his life ~ his ill-fated move to Chicago, a devastating break-up with his boyfriend, a series of one-night-stands, excessive episodes of alcohol abuse and unsafe sex, and the redeeming power of self-acceptance and love. Readers are also introduced to his current partner, Andrew Van Wagenen.

Of Heart and Home Of Heart and Home - August 1999 -Regarding the tortured history of our writer's relationship with his family, a growing reliance on alcohol, and the start of his most serious romantic relationship to date.

The Fall The Fall - September 1998 - In which our writer documents the tumultuous Summer of 1998, wherein he deals with the traumas of drug and alcohol abuse, the death of a dear friend's father, and a new relationship.