My Husband’s Lover (Hunk of the Day: Tom Rodriquez)

Thank God I don’t live in the Philippines, because I would just sit glued to the television all day, particularly with something as juicy as ‘My Husband’s Lover‘ on the airwaves right now. I can’t imagine what a Filipino soap opera is like, given that so much of Filipino life is a soap opera unto itself. (Anyone who’s driven through Manila will attest to that.)

The Hunk of the Day has been missing from this site for a bit, but comes back in a big dramatic way through Filipino actor Tom Rodriquez, who stars in ‘My Husband’s Lover’, which tells the story of a closeted gay man married to a woman. You’re not going to find a soap centered on that on these shores. Hell, you can’t even find ‘All My Children’ on these shores. (Wait, is it on OWN now?) Anyway, Mr. Rodriguez may be the first Filipino Hunk of the Day (with the possible exception of Darren Criss, who I believe has some Filipino blood in him) so… Mabuhay! (I get my own Filipino ass out here enough, but maybe it’s time to let others show their stuff.)

Oh, and check out the theme song. So gratingly Godawful it’s good! Hello cymbals!

But wait, there’s more! A second theme song for the series, in the form of this ditty sung by the “Philippine Soul Princess Jonalyn Viray.” Oh yes, these are my people. Dramatic is in my blood.

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