Hunk of the Day: Epke Zonderland

Epke Zonderland

The true test of an Olympian isn’t always whether they win a gold medal, but in how they pick themselves up after they falter. Case in point was Epke Zonderland who previously lit up the 2012 Olympic games with a gold-medal-winning performance.
During this year’s games in Rio, he took a brutal fall, face-planting hard after missing the high bar. He laid there a moment, a little stunned, and it looked like it had to hurt. Then he talked to his coach and jumped back on to finish out his routine perfectly. The fall cost him any chance at a medal, but the way he got back on that bar was the act of a real champion. Today he gets to be named a Hunk of the Day, an honor he should have been given in 2012, when he had to settle for the gold.

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