Hunk of the Day: Lenny Kravitz

A welcome suggestion by my friend JoJo, Lenny Kravitz is the Hunk of the Day, lending a little musical slant to this stalwart feature. Mr. Kravitz has long held that smoldering, reserved sexual power – a sleepy sort of confidence that one suspects explodes in the bedroom, or whatever other room in which he deigns to do the dirty. Coupled with his rock star status, he’s irresistible. It’s a not-quite-scientifically-proven fact that once you strap a guitar on someone, they become ten times sexier in that instant.

My love for Lenny comes down to a single musical moment – his first big breakthrough song: ‘It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over’ from 1991’s ‘Mama Said’ album. It defined that summer for me.

Fittingly, ‘It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over’ is one of the poppier records of the rocker’s career, which is why it was so easily accessible to my aural-candy-loving ears. Key to my enjoyment of the track are all those violins – plop a string section into a pop song and I’m a happy camper. Also of aid was its summer release – songs like this always sound better in the summer. Sun, pool, flowers, and languid lounging in air-conditioned space.

That was the summer I read ‘David Copperfield’. I watched hollyhocks search for the sky, picking off Japanese beetles and dropping them into a jar of oil. It was another summer of solitude, and I did not mind it in the least. Something called to me in this song, though I couldn’t begin to access what it was like to try to hold onto a romantic relationship when I’d never even been in one. Somehow I’d always known heartache.

That was also the summer of ‘Truth or Dare’, and the first motions toward my own truth, the path to my becoming a man. Mr. Kravitz sang out almost plaintively that it wasn’t over until it was over, giving a jolt of hope to the journey that was about to get much rockier for a few years. I would carry that carefree summer with me in the darker, colder days to come.

As for Mr. Kravitz, his style is a little too hippie for me (other than at 60’s-themed summer parties) so this post is mostly for JoJo. And those who like a naked male celebrity with a washboard stomach and a rocking ass.

Any other musicians you’d like to see as Hunk of the Day? Keep in mind we’ve already featured the sexy likes of Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Enrique Iglesias, Jon Bon Jovi (hello Ann!), Adam Lambert and Jake Shears.

Are you gonna go my way?

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