Hunk of the Day: Parker Gregory

In his wonderful novel ‘Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister’, Gregory Maguire posits the simple but powerful question, “What purpose does beauty serve?” I’ve wrestled with such a notion over the years, trying (often in vain) to purport the reasons we need beauty, but a decent description and explanation has always eluded me. It’s one of those tantalizing answers that is always out of grasp, teasingly there on the tip of your tongue, but impalpable at the last.

Hunk of the Day Parker Gregory offers an illustration of beauty, at least according to my eyes. For me, it’s not so much physical perfection (though I won’t discount that either) it’s more of an appreciation of an expression – something in the eyes, in the gaze, that hints at the melancholy of a sensitive soul. Such a reliance on the superficial is a gamble at best (and a foolish one at that) as appearances can often be deceiving, but we want to believe the best of something so, well, beautiful.

As for Mr. Gregory, he may not be beautiful in everyone’s eyes (though for the life of me I don’t see how you couldn’t find beauty here) but that’s the wonder of it all. As a wise woman once remarked: “Beauty’s where you find it.

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