Hunk of the Day: Kevin Stea

kevin stea 101

He was, by most accounts, one of the sweetest dancers on Madonna’s epic Blond Ambition World Tour, ever-ready with a contagious smile or a supportive nod. As documented in that seminal reality-starter ‘Truth or Dare’ Kevin Stea was one of the talented troupe of dancers, who was largely quiet but whose presence formed a necessary foil to louder presences like Luis and Jose. Kevin showed young gay boys like me how to carry ourselves with grace and elegance, and in the ensuing years he’s fashioned a name for himself as dancer and choreographer and teacher. As Hunk of the Day, he exemplifies the best, as someone whose outer beauty matches what’s on the inside.

Recently, he has been promoting the release of ‘Strike A Pose’ – another documentary – this one catching up with the dancers of the Blond Ambition tour and the various twists and turns their lives have taken. In some ways it’s a full-circle moment for many of them, but for Mr. Stea it’s just another milestone in a career of continued relevance. It’s not easy to sustain a life of performing, but he’s wisely turned his attention to the behind-the-scenes crafting of creative talent – his own and others – and he’s survived in an industry hell-bent on weeding out anyone over the age of 30.

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