Hunk of the Day: Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell

While it’s probably the most popular feature of this site, the Hunk of the Day posts can get a little dull for me. There are always new hunks popping up on the internet, and sooner or later Zac Efron will take his shirt off again, and David Beckham will disrobe to his underwear, and Ben Cohen will have another calendar out, but I’m continually seeking out something new and different and slightly obscure. That’s when I turn to you. Today’s Hunk was a suggestion, by a straight guy no less, but a straight guy with impeccable taste. This is Toby Kebbell, born Tobias Alistair Patrick Kebbell (and, personally, I would have held onto the original.)

If you have any other Hunks you’d like to see up here, let me know.

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